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Cambodia is tropical region that the weather is warm-wet. So plants are growing well. So we have good result for local beekeeping in rural areas.  FLIFLY has chose bees that are called (Apis Cerana) to conduct the training on beekeeping and sustainable livelihoods, value-added products from beekeeping, and beekeeping -bee diseases for members of Credit Unions and members of Sustainable Agriculture Communities that are under promotion by FLIFLY. Attract for advantage from beekeeping included: honey bee, queen of bee’s milk, pollen of bee, wax of bee especially they are advantage for crops increase products until 20 %. In order to beekeeping for more income effectiveness, we have to study about beekeeping and practice as following:

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FLIFLY is providing advisory services for local NGOs, federations farmers' organistions, agriculture communities/cooperatives, credit unions, agrientrepreneurs and farmers in Cambodia

1. Technical beekeeping
- Studying the theory of beekeeping and practice many times.
- Good communication with technical advisors when have obstacle.

2. Choosing bee
- Local natural bee or buying from the farm of bee.- See of bees has at lease three hive of bees and a lot of children of bees that are coving both side the species of bee.
- Above hive of bees that have warm of bee flat covering.
- Yellow hive of bees, honey and a lot of pollens.
- Queen is big –long and active.

3. Preparing see of bees
- Force them to build up species of bee for their children and honey.
- Before spring, we have to feed (sugar can water) 3 times or 4 times to make queen has many eggs.
- Take some species of bee if it has a lot species, strong bees, and no sickness for supporting other see of bees.

4. Create good queen for bees
- To create good queen, we have to create queen from other sees that have high products, many children, lovely and no division natural sees. We have to do below:
- Use sides of queen that was made by nature to replace weak see of bees.

After 2 days, we pick them away, only keep good sides of bee. It is below of species of bee and long.
- To create queen from eggs, we have to pick up queen from see for 24 hours. After that just take in the see of bees that has hive with queen. Fro one day, it is growing. After 9 days to 10 days, we have to choose queen to use. For 10 days to 15 days, queen will egg. Note We should change a new queen for per 6 months to 9 months.

5. Dividing see of bees
- Dividing the same pace, we have to divide hive of bees into two parts by taking them in different two boxes. When we pick up them. We have to divide equal children of bees and eggs and food that is support other box without queen.

6. Choosing the place for feeding bees
Have to take them near the flowers, quiet place, cold shade, and far from big rivers as well as take care them to be not all kind of ants, toads and lizards………

7. Protect bees that not to fly away
We have to resolve the problems as flowing:
- Lack of food
- Have enemy
- Have sickness
- Old hive of bees
- Bad place